Monday, March 30, 2009


You may have noticed some cameras hanging out in studio. Well im making them for the Kansas City FilmFest award ceremony. It's an internship that is sort of set up like a commission. I decided to make really old time cameras for them to show/ preserve the history of their industry's technology. Plus, i think they look more fun and interesting than the digital cameras made today. As i keep making these they become more warped and twisted, in a way to show the abondoned ways of making films with these practically extinct cameras. I'm going to give them lots of color and bring these old cameras back to life, and hopefully gain them some recognition because the film industry wouldn't be what it is today without the development of these cameras.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

1. a desire or ambition to achieve something

Formally, the piece I plan on making will be composed of 4x6” translucent porcelain boxes, each of which are individually lit and linked to an infrared sensor that detects the slightest motion or interruption in heat between the viewer and wall. While I’m still looking into material costs, and construction technicalities/presentation options, the final product will attempt to function as fine art, interior design, and post World War I minimalist architecture. Its lack of color  will casually lend itself to any interior space and represent the materialistic qualities of porcelain. This interior fa├žade of porcelain will potentially interrupt the flow of traffic during an exhibition. This in part, because the lights will go on whenever an individual steps in front of the piece. When they move away, so do the lights. The porcelain in combination with the shape of the objects, and the presentation will aid my comment on the frequently overlooked realm of concept within clay art. The nothingness of this wall will respond irreverently to pedestal ceramics and sculpture. Some artists I’ve researched are Yves Klein and specifically his philosophy of exhibiting the void and selling zones of empty space. On top of this, the work is my minimized response to Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe’s idea of “Less is More.” The posted video of Radiohead exemplifies on a much larger scale, what kind of experience I plan to hopefully accomplish both visually and physically.