Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Minoan Pottery

Pottery is a craft that is practiced and is further explored in every culture. The knowledge of pottery is a sign of organization. This process encapsulates the intention of making improvements and involvement of culture. Making pottery involves experimental encounters with ways to engineer techniques into elaborate forms. There is a structure that is always constant in the organized method of transforming clay. Even when uses are different for regions that practice pottery, the objects are made out of clay; these objects capture an essence of culture and knowledge that is being practiced in the process of creating. Objects express an individuals’ perspective, demonstrate methods, teachings, and a perspective of life. Pottery can be described as a process with a variety of methods. An interesting quality about pottery is that it is a process that puts clay through a constant change in the presence of a man that is going through change as a well. The beginning of Functional pottery and modern day pottery mysteriously has survived the generations of change in the lives of man. Pottery has expanded in knowledge but has managed to remain in the same content of purpose for mankind. Pottery in different cultures, locations, and eras has affected current and future generations. For example, the Japanese had a philosophy of learning from other cultures and transforming what already existed.

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