Monday, October 5, 2009

My artistic experience

well... i was gonna write about hungary, but someone beat me to it. Honestly, i dont know what art is, let alone an "artistic experience", and yet, i am training to be an artist! o man, this person doesn't know what he's doing!

There is a difference between art and craft?!

Artists make art, and what is an artist? KCAI community had taught me so much about being an artist, and this is what i learned: act weird, and not care about hygiene, because thats what artists do. Artists don't do crafts, if you make functional ware, you are a craftsman. Craftsman don't belong here because it is an Art school. Making beautiful work does not make you an artist; artists shoves meaning into their work, the more philosophical the better. Spending lots of time on one piece make it a good piece of art. Artists has to be different than everyone else; having similarity with someone else's work is a big no no, especially someone 10 generations ahead of you. If you do, people will say its "Boring", or "we've seen it before", you dont want that. Male artists can't have muscles, they will be considered as a jock if they do. If you follow everything above, you are an artist, and anything you make will be considered as art.

Is that really what artist is about?

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