Monday, April 12, 2010

Semester Ramblings

1. If the meaning of life is to live, and the meaning of art is to make then the world suddenly appears much simpler than many make it out to be. Though then the question is asked weather or not one has lead a good life. Or has made good art. It is a question of weather a life simply lived is valuable by the act of existing, or if the act of creating is of any worth by simply making. The general consensus is that one has to actually do something in order to avoid uselessness. But that is not very hard to do.

It seems that life and art can be quantified in terms of Joy, Impact, and Reflection.

fig. 1 a plant that has lead a good life by enjoying growing J

* Joy can be quantified through struggle as well as ease; Impact relates to the self as well as others ; Reflection refers to observation as well as transformation

2. I don’t know how many cappuccinos I’ve had this semester—but I think I finally kicked the habit once spring rolled around. I am now addicted to just stopping by Café Nerman out of habit. Just to get hot water for my tea, and to steal milk and sugar from them. It’s ironic that I almost asked them how to spell steal. Steel Steal. Milk.

3. Note to self: It is important to make money.

4. Note to self: though we think we lack money we live a decadent life at this school, and in this art world. It is still hard work, this living thing. And this art thing.

5. Note to self: Summer is almost here.


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Life is is good and then you become art.


- Sarita's Dad