Monday, February 16, 2009

First friday at the Belger

First Friday at the Belger featured the artwork of Robert Stackhouse, a K.C.A.I. graduate. These extremely large prints were water colored and then fixed on to canvas to be displayed. Most of the works included one of two major themes, A snake that he found in the 60's, and nautical themes inspired from a decrepid row boat he bought off a poor boy. Robert also builds large temporary sculptures to give him something to paint on. One of these large scaffolding type passage ways was erected on the campus of K.C.A.I. for two years while Stackhouse attended school there in the 1990's. I was pleased to have been able to see this show on the last night it was open, my favorite piece was the ice skeleton, a print that was inspired by a story Stackhouse read in National Geographic.

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