Tuesday, February 10, 2009

POTS POTS POTS!!! (Click Here For SlideShow)

So this semester I get to dream of all the nice forms I want to make and all the different ways I can make them. A few things I did from last semester have carried over. One: Im going to try to make a nice cone 10 super white that is reliable. Two: I love slip casting. I love the endlessness of the forms that can be made and the consistency of casting. And I will be trying my hand at the plaster wheel this year as well.
But fret not, for I am a potter at heart. My wheel work is my number one right now and I am definately relying on that for a good variety of forms and experimentation. Also, as for my wheel work, I am working on my ability to make a consistent, strong form more than just once. I feel like this is important for a number of obvious reasons.

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