Saturday, September 13, 2008

Art in the Age of Steam

Today was the opening of the "Art in the Age of Steam" exhibit at the Nelson Atkins Museum of Art Bloch Building. It is a very impressive exhibit and I now think it is one of there best shows they've put on. There is vast range of artists and infomation, all celebrating the railroad as a mechanical marvel. At the beginning of the exhibit, there are books and an informational video about the importance and development of the steam railroad. This then leads you to six galleries full of paintings, prints, drawings, and photographs that show how artists responded internationally to the railroad. The painting The Railway (The Gare Saint-Lazare) by Edouard Manet was even included in the show - it is amazing to see it in person and I can't believe it's in Kansas City instead of some museum in Europe. Another famous piece to look for is the surrealist work Time Transfixed by Rene Margritte with the train in the fireplace. There is also impressionist paintings by Claude Monet, German expressionists Kandinsky and Kirchner, realistic works by Edward Hopper, and much more!
If you decide to go, put aside a few hours because there is alot to see. For students with ID it is $5 and $8 for adults. It will be open till January 18th, so there is lots of time to see it- But if you can't go they have some of the images here at the NAMA website.

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