Monday, September 15, 2008

Mr Stackhouse

Last week while taking in the works at the Daum museum in Sedalia, Missouri, I was surprised to find that i had positive thoughts for a good little handful of pieces on display there. This is surprising to me because i often find that i like the interior spaces of galleries and museums more than the work within. Cheesy as it sounds, perhaps this is the reason i was drawn to the painting by Robert Stackhouse entitled, "Encountering Interior".  This one was hanging in the gallery that was themed, "systems" or something involving that concept.  It is a very warm composition of line work and architectural space.  I think that what i am drawn to here is the neutral palette of very few colors, which manages to present a sense of visual depth and intuitive structure.  There is no "real" space being represented here, but rather an imaginary place of quiet and implied safety.  There is also a mysterious nature to the piece which makes one wonder what lies beyond the sideways arc of the path.  i also enjoy how the image seems to melt or even put roots downward through the vertical dripping of washes at the bottom.  in short, comfort and joy.

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