Monday, September 15, 2008

Ole Lislerud

Basic forms and space defines shape, my mind reconciles when I look at Ole Lislerud's work at the Daum Museum of Contemporary arts in Sedalia Missouri.  Lislerud's piece is entitled "#8", which hangs stiffly on the gallery wall and I find myself at first just glancing. Glances turn into stares and this only occurs when a small attraction stimulates from a minor detail in the entire piece, which mutates as the seconds progress.  What is apparent is evident, but I find myself enjoying the presence of a timeless emotion that lyrically moves in rhythm through lines, space, and silhouettes. Fast rhythms, motions of chaos. repetitive quickness of scribbles, unique curls, and slashes balance with dull muted colors that give the presence of the piece a feeling of bluntness. Simple but definitely complex in it's consistencies, which gives relation and when there is relation there is an understanding that substances boldly.
(poetic motions)\ 
Poetically dull and yet lively mutating in a boundary of a flat squared ceramic surface/ solid senses of identity/ viewers unconsciously become aware of/ the essence of Ole Lislerud stands as a document of abstract realities/in/ a phase of life.

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