Sunday, September 7, 2008

"Lisa Sanditz"

    Lisa Sanditz' paintings are a combination of strong contextual awareness and aesthetic intelligence. From the application of her acrylic based works, to her subject matter, and even her color, we can really gain a sense of complexity within the subjects. This complexity is relative to eastern and western parts of the United States as well as the loose depiction of the city Datang in China (Sock City). Her paintings appear to be documents of travel, and even communities or places in which she has been. She gives her audience viewpoints and insight through exxagerrated forms, color choice, texture, arrangement of subject matter, and scale. 
The majority of Sanditz' painting appear to be modernistic landscapes with a bit of quirkiness. In her above piece titled "Landscape with Sunset, Exit 19," Sanditz creates delineation between her background and foreground with an intense play between vertical, horizontal, and diagonal lines. Also notable is the conflict she has created in this painting by combining warmer colors against cooler foreground colors. Using depth and perspective, Sanditz creates what appears to be an underground community in this work. Note: more of her works can be acceseed by clicking on the above link titled "Lisa Sanditz."

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