Monday, September 15, 2008

Beware of the Finger

Recently on an excursion to first Friday, I had the unlucky misfortune to experience the wrath of a gallery owner. My offence was none other than the “Finger”. You may ask yourself what I was doing, “Sporting the Bird” or was this other socially fronded a pond, “mining finger”. No neither, this was the illustration finger: to point at an object to draw attention to a unique and interesting detail in the artist work. The artist was Rudy Autio and one of his dancing figures, but the work is of no difference to point.
We expect a certain amount of proprietary alarmed ness, with patrons coming into close contact with an artist work. Did I break the 18-inch? Rule? Yes, I would say I came within 6 to 10 inches. My point is this; many of us (artist) are very familiar with a process, and fill at liberty to come within working contact with another persons work. Do I have a license to do this? No, I’m an artist. Do I personally know this person? No, took my picture with him once.
We all want to have success in our chosen field, to have gallery representation, and be respected for our craft. Initially I was put out by this barking guard dog, but after thinking about the encounter. I realize I would want the same watchfulness and attention to detail for my ceramic children. Maybe next time I’ll think twice about my roaming finger.

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