Monday, September 15, 2008


It is not very often that I come across a ceramic artist who truly baffles me. I'm not saying I know all about ceramics or anything, and I understand that one should often be in awe of the work that goes into most ceramic pieces, but I am never left completely blown away by a piece. I always find one thing about it that bothers me, or kinda leaves me unsatisfied. While at the Daum Museum last week, I came across 3 pieces that left me stunned. Seeing them in my pictures still gives me the same awe struck state of mind as I got when I was standing in front of them. Wouter Dam is the name of the Artist that created the 3 gravity defying pieces. The one in the photo above is called "Blue Piece #19". Looking at these pieces made me feel like time had stopped and the sections of matte colored fabric in front of me were suspended in the air. I couldn't help but do a little research on Wouter Dam after seeing these pieces. He makes them by throwing pieces and then assembling them together. He brings out the abstract by assembling the pieces in a dynamic and aesthetically pleasing manner. I am very glad I stumbled across this amazing work. It has inspired me to reconsider the things u can do with a wheel.

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