Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Glazing Process (not doughnuts)

In the first semester of my junior year, we are focusing on the wheel as a method of production. After several weeks of these practices, our class began glazing many of the works we produced. I chose to present a collaborative work from myself and Matthew Jorgensen who works alongside me in the studio. We switched back and forth on the wheel in the work's preliminary stages, which in turn led to a piece that had characteristics of both mine and Matthew's efforts. After bisque-firing the larger, low-pitched bowl, I applied a flashing slip to the interior surface of the bottom. Following this, I then applied 1/4" tape to the interior of the bowl, while paying close attention to detail in order to achieve a strict, linear result. This idea of "striping," comes into play for a number of reasons but mainly for its ability to formally translate basic design principles while lending itself as a base for decal work that will later play a role in this particular work. -Launch Slideshow-

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