Monday, September 22, 2008

mine to do with what I please

The style of my pieces presently have a very streamlined, and aerodynamic feel. They are demure, and graceful with their curves, and exude a demeanor of femininity. They are much like the person I am not. It's interesting how pots can be so like their maker, or not outwardly connected. That a person who considers them self very quirky, loud, and unladylike for the most part could make something one would call dainty. Perhaps some pots try to out their maker, and show a side that isn't always immediately seen. Or maybe they just show how anal retentive their creator is, and everyone really knows that part anyway.

I am trying to connect the interior and exterior with a visual relationship in my pieces - to give each pot an aspect that draws the eye into the very bottom of the vessel. Similarly I am incorporating hidden writing on some part of these pieces to give the user an intimate relationship with it. Much like a discarded grocery list on the back of a receipt, or a personal note on the front page of a book can make the mundane special. These words change the tone and meaning of each piece, and it's relationship with it's final owner.

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