Sunday, September 7, 2008

Collaged whimsy

Gracia Haby is an artist working and living alongside Louise Jennison in Melbourne, Australia. Haby's paper collages grace many of their collaborative books, zines, and lithographic prints. Her images, often whimsical and funny in nature, speak to the viewer as if from a different world. This work is from an occasional series based on postcards received from friends. The postcards themselves have been transformed beneath Haby's skillful hands from images of known and recognizable locations to become otherworldly, almost ethereal landscapes. Each accompanies a message. This postcard collage titled  At First All Was Not Clear, partners the following:

May 10th, 1904

Dear you,

The great big trees of California live up to their promise and name. An ancient open air cathedral, all quiet here in this forest of mostly pines and firs.

I have discovered, though not first hand, that bad luck knocks on the door of those who cut down big trees, or shoot in the direction of an owl.

The space allocated for a message seems to grow smaller and smaller with each postcard. Hope to sight the once thought extinct Ivory Billed Woodpecker. If I sit very still I think I will be in with a sporting chance.

Fir cones and Racoon tracks,


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