Sunday, September 14, 2008

Bobby Silverman at Daum Museum

    The Kansas City Art institute ceramics department recently traveled to the Daum Museum of contemporary art in Sedalia, Missouri to view a variety of modern and contemporary works of art that date back to the mid-twentieth century. Of the many works on display, three large panels that read as paintings stood out to me. They were done by Bobby Silverman, an alumni of the Art Institute, who I was first introduced to last year when he came to lecture and give critiques to students. The Chinese manufactured tiles above were precisely crafted on top of being commercially glazed with rich hues that were daunting in real life and timeless in perspective. His work at the Daum explores ceramics as a vehicle for artistic as well as architectural design. Some aesthetic elements Silverman carried out in these works include their visual and physical presence in space which relied on scale, a warm-analogous color scheme, and a sense of minimalism similar to color-field painting that took place during the 1950's and on. More of his work can be seen by visiting alsio design.

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