Sunday, September 21, 2008

A demo into part of the tile process.

The tile showcased in the slideshow is inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright. His work was primarily around the turn of the century, and was a major component of the craftsman style. This piece emphasizes craftsmanship, and the woman reflects the ideals of her time. Women of propriety from that era were never seen outside the home without their white gloves, and elegant dress. I want to explore what makes a woman, and how they are perceived in their respective times. I personally have had a lot of inquiry into what the matter means, to myself and others around me, to be a woman.
As a woman you are born into a class. You have no choice in the matter - it is assigned at birth. Based upon physical characteristics, and totally disregarding psychological disposition of the individual. Society assigns you a profile of what is acceptable and not for that gender. If your propensity falls outside of that, you are considered abnormal by conservative douche bags. This subject is quite versatile, and I am constantly being drawn back to this theme since I can personally relate to it. Link to Slide show describing my process.

I have a little help from a "friend" his name is don juan de marco, and he's a flippin hottie!!!!

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