Monday, September 15, 2008

Ruth Duckworth at the Daum

last week Kansas City art Institute's Ceramic Department checked in at the Daum museum of contemporary art in Sadelia Missouri to view some of the great work they have to offer the community. there were many well known artist which such as Robert Stackhouse, Bobby Silverman, Chuck Close, Andy Warhol and KCAI's very own Jim Sajovic, but the work that stood out most was a tile piece by Ruth Duckworth  2000.

 the colors and architectural aspect with the organic forms modeled in a symmetrical view gave a great sense of depth within its core, also each square contains a unique element to stabilize its visual function. getting really close to such pieces are great to be inform with details carried along with each form and so  my imaginary skills went on to think about ways of emulating such gestures and craftsmanship. at a certain point i hesitated to touch but i didn't due to the fact that i was in a museum, but hope fully there will be a time soon where ill be able to get a taste of what its surface is like.  

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