Tuesday, September 9, 2008

First friday

First Friday was an assuring experience for my first exposure to the Arts in KC.  It was overwhelmingly busy.  April Hernandez, Korla Luckeroth, and Tera Polansky put up a great show titled Living, Longing, & Losing; Stories of the American Dream.  The work was presented at the KCAI Crossroads gallery in downtown KC.  Korlas' work utilizes hand-building techniques to to depict baron landscape.  She uses gravity as a way to manipulate the flow of glaze to render sky and clouds.  April Hernandez uses the potters wheel to make vessels inspired by the form language of  "fine China".  April emphasises decorative surfaces by using slip-trailing methods to create a feeling of elegance, delicacy and preciousness.  Tera Polansky renders portraiture within the context of porcelain table-ware as a keepsake.  Some work is illuminated in order to draw comparison between interior and exterior while others draw comparison through their arrangement and placement on the wall.  Each object is one of a kind and manipulated by hand which further draws a dialog between the imagery used and the language of the the piece.  While in the crossroad district I also went to the Sherry Leedy gallery  and saw some great work.  I went on a couple of rides, saw the statute of liberty and managed to put my foooooot in my mouth!    

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