Sunday, September 21, 2008

the studio process

as of this summer my work has been based on the consistent realistic imagery of Peter Paul Ruben paintings, he is one of the great masters from the northern baroque 17th century enlightenment period. so far he has created multiple paintings on satyrs and Bacus, with this i've transfered the imagery into a three dimensional ceramic tile as well as manipulating the idea of painting on flat tile panels in the process of  creating a mural at a large scale. 

in this studio space of mine i choose to situate myself where space is available to create these tile paintings which i pursue to get accomplished in the next few weeks. as of now the idea of painting with multiple slips seems like a great tricky situation of not showing the exact colors after the firings.  i hope that each peace turns out to be correct on all aspect.  

for images of my current work click here 

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